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Strait from the bottom of the woodbridge valley pool its PHiNE

Starting in woodbridge, summer of 2001 friends Ian, Matt, and Nick decided after seeing there first local punk show to start a band. They wanted to have funny songs about llamas and canoes, and were on there way. They decided to name there band PHiNE, from writeing on a wall in a rocky movie. While at the pool they enjoyed to create the off brand humor songs that they loved. But after an unfortunate umbrella incident there lyrics book was stolen and destroyed.

So in this feeling of lose they thought they couldn't get any lower, but they did, they let andy join the band and after that it all went down hill. In this downward spiral Ian and the band found created differences, and Ian left the band, he was replaced by Dan, but he went MIA and the band broke up.

Fast forward to summer of 2002 with the addition of matt d PHiNE was back and worse then ever

Bios of members

Matt Stewart Andy Stewart Matt Dreer