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the thank u page

i would like to thank first off like to thank nick s., and chris l. for giveing us our first show. and now we will thank the bands and people that made us cool.

were going to do indevidual thanks first:
kim b. for the thank u page idea
andy would like to thank: the stars for being perty, um morgan, eric, and adam from spring training,  dan, tony, drew, and jarred from lampwick, 3po, and rip the Pro Choice Vegans  for inspiring the c-ville punk scene, and every other band that has played in c-ville or with c-ville bands,  thanks to mike jones, heva, heather a., heather m., christian, brittney, emily b., emily z., ashley, jesika, aja, jessica h., chris, and nick formely of pcv, drew from bftb, joe,(  jay, jon, and pearl from p.o.o.), the most kick ass teacher mr. kabara, the burn outs from columbia mall kim, emanual, the other 2 i forgot ur name sorry :-(,  um the st. joe kids: o so many people, sydnor, joe smith, naylor, hershel, kevin dasing, andrew schmit, for laphes the mullet kid, and the kid who thinks he is a fish, aaron for the idea of the boobie song, slovic mc's, dave, tim, travis, samantha, dustin, lacey, all the stuie for presedent supporters.  and finaly adam, jerry and the peeps from the hockey team who dont think im physcho, and omg sara gets the official stuie aproval rateing for her kick ass site its a must see
matt would like to thank: adam , eric and morgan, from Spring Training, chris formely of pcv, nick fromely pcv and chris formely of PPA, drew from bftb, dave,  cloe, laura, riel, joey, and dee dee ramone, dan, tony, drew and jarred from lampwick, and the bands sring training, misfists, dead kennedys, dropkick murphys, social distortion, 3po, spice girls, casulties, the exploited, bad religion, circle jerks, MxPx, NOFX, ally rats, banned form the bacment, lampwick
Matt D. would like to thank:  my friends tim ryan chris and my band 4 bein my band lol and uh the casualties, the dead kennedys and the misfits 4 starting me in to punk music. i would also like to thank the local punk bands such as 3 prong outlet and the other ones and i would to thank my mom cuse if it wasnt for her  wouldnt have a drumset and i would mostly like thank the phine phans for listining to us even though i just joined the band and i think that about it and im sorry if i forgot anyone.

bands that we must thank for makeing us sound like them:  MxPx meets the misfits, as Jon said
jon-what do u guys sound like?
andy-MxPx meets the misfits.
jon-u mean pennywise
andy-no, like MxPx music but more hardcore singing.
jon- u mean pennywise
andy-wait, ur right